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The Brewerytown Sharswood Community Civic Association (BSCCA) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization established within the city of Philadelphia. 



BSCCA started in the year 2000 and has progressed over the years. BSCCA began with a group a neighbors who would come together and clean the streets the evening before trash day. “Meet Me at the Curb” was the slogan, and from there came an awareness of other issues that existed in the community, and the desire to do more for the neighborhood.

BSCCA continues to be a strong force in our neighborhood. BSCCA has done a number of works to better the neighborhood and bring resources to our community.


BSCCA Accomplishments

Board Members

President Warren McMichael

Vice President Herman Arce II

Treasurer Sheila Belo

Secretary Stephanie Belo

At Large

  • Talmadge Belo
  • Bernard Cokley
  • Inman Lawrence
  • James McFadden
  • Leola McFadden
  • Stephanie Ridgeway

Membership Chair Richardine Bradley

NAC Executive Director Darnetta Arce